Safer than home.

We provide to everyone the right to keep his digital life private, not under everyone sight and to give back the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

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Why AnoniCloud?

From the early '90s, when Internet was open to everyone, the net and our life substantially changed: Now almost everything is digital and every bit of digital data – pictures, textes and sounds – are used to create our personal profile: Our essence that define us as person.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right of it’s own digital privacy: AnoniCloud is the solution!

What we mean as Security

AnoniCloud is the secure storage solution that lets you stay fully anonymous and that store your data in a private way, under strong quantum computer resistant encryption.

All your data are encrypted before leaving your device and stored on our servers located in Switzerland. Only you can decrypt your data. Our app can generate confidential content by itself, providing document scanning feature or a camera to take your private pictures or movies: The generated content is directly sent to AnoniCloud then is removed from device after a successful upload.

The final magic: This security is transparent to the user!
We take care of state-of-art encryption algorithms and other technical stuffs: The user experience is the same of a standard cloud!

Your world will be private again,
but we need your support!

Privacy, security and quality are not free!
We will to say thank you to all our users that daily uses our app and help us to make it even better!
Join us and help us to make your digital world private again!

Support us!

We are built over five strong pillars

Anonymity, Inviolability, Integrity, Independency, Fair business model: These are the pillars AnoniCloud is built on.
This goes beyond a code of conduct: It’s a commitment to our users and supporters who entrust us with their digital life.

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