Service concept

Working hard

First, thank you very much to everyone has downloaded and tested and is still testing our app: Your job is precious to get a solid product!

Here follows the status of the project.

AnoniCloud for iOS is here!

Last week we released the iOS version of AnoniCloud that can be now downloaded on Apple App Store!
Thanks to Apple App Store telemetry we are informed that many peoples from all around the world is downloading our app! Thank you for your trust and let us know!
His companion, AnoniCloud Connect for macOS is actually a RC and will be released soon!
We met an issue when importing big images (over 100Mb uncompressed) from other applications like email client and instant message apps. We’re working to improve this feature and you’ll get it in the next release.

AnoniCloud for Android is under heavy testing

We’re now at the fourth release candidate (RC4) of AnoniCloud for Android; as everyone knows, Android is a free operating system where every mobile manufacturer can put heavy customizations, not only on skins but also on operating conditions, network management and processes; this situation has put in throuble many app developers that doesn’t have the possibility to test their app on any combination; our AnoniCloud 1.0 RC2 had some issues with devices with power conservative features; this issues should has now been fixed with the actual version; let us know!

Other platforms

A linux version of AnoniCloud Connect is under active development. We choose to develop under C++ with QT libraries; this means that AnoniCloud Connect can be used also under Windows and under other OSes like FreeBSD. Stay tuned for more.

Our servers

As planned, our servers has extra job now that userbase is increasing but we’re far from the limit. As userbase continue to increase we will plan to add extra machines (and extra storage) to accomodate other users.

As any service provider we monitor the behaviour of our machines and we noted some funny behavior of some clients (and customers) like:

Rapidly changing IP – Clients that changes their IP on every request; we had a feature that requires a new authentication every time the client changes it’s IP; we have now disabled this feature to allow such rapidly mutating clients to run smoothly.

Credentials reuse – We have some customers trying to access with their google profile or with their email address; again we are not affiliated with Google or with any other provider! To use AnoniCloud you have to open a new profile using the pushbutton on the app welcome screen. Don’t reuse your username or worse your password! If your password get compromised on such providers, crooks has access also to your AnoniCloud profile! Keep them out using a brand new username / password couple.

In 1982, when I was 11, for the first time I’ve seen live a computer. It was an IBM/360; in 1983, for the first time in my life, I’ve turned on my own computer. In 1985 on my desk appeared a mouse and a box with some 5” 1/4 floppy disk. Now I’m about 50; every morning I open the lid of my MacBook Pro, that is n times powerful, faster and smaller than the IBM/360, the VIC-20 and the Apple //c together. But nothing can overcome the emotion I felt entering that noisy machine room, of writing on such ridicolous, small screen and of smelling the plastic of my earlier, outdated, mass memory supports.