Service concept

Two-zero for Two-zero-two-two!

Almost three years passed from it’s inception, from the so called Project Integrity to the actual brand AnoniCloud, the only cloud app 100% proudly conceived, made and hosted in Switzerland.

In these three years we did a huge work: Everybody that has designed and developed a software solution knows what’s means design a communication protocol, develop the backend, develop a proof-of-concept front end, validate the design and test the system in ideal and critical conditions, develop and maintain iOS app, macOS app, Android app; keep the infrastructure fully updated and running and keep it safe from crooks.

We did it: AnoniCloud is live, up and running.

And AnoniCloud is now Two-zero!

Several things changed from the earlier versions, lots of them are under the hoods, changes meaning speed, stability, usability; changes that makes AnoniCloud main app more pleasant to use.

And now AnoniCloud can be downloaded and used on iPads too!

This is AnoniCloud main app!

Before the end of this year, AnoniCloud will became an ecosystem of applications: Along with the main application, used to store and organise the traces of your life, AnoniCamera – a privacy enforced camera – and AnoniScan – a privacy enforced scanner, will be released!

From now on, Anoni[Cloud|Camera|Scan] will help you to keep the traces of your life safe and will help you to generate news!

One more thing

Since the beginning of this year the new domain has been registered; this will be the only official domain for AnoniCloud. AnoniCloud is 100% proudly conceived, made and hosted in Switzerland: Globally available!

In 1982, when I was 11, for the first time I’ve seen live a computer. It was an IBM/360; in 1983, for the first time in my life, I’ve turned on my own computer. In 1985 on my desk appeared a mouse and a box with some 5” 1/4 floppy disk. Now I’m about 50; every morning I open the lid of my MacBook Pro, that is n times powerful, faster and smaller than the IBM/360, the VIC-20 and the Apple //c together. But nothing can overcome the emotion I felt entering that noisy machine room, of writing on such ridicolous, small screen and of smelling the plastic of my earlier, outdated, mass memory supports.