AnoniCloud and Innopark together

AnoniCloud, with its unwavering commitment and forward-looking vision, has always prioritised human beings and placed them at the heart of its business model. Our philosophy is based on the belief that success is the result of a working environment that respects and values each individual.

AnoniCloud & Innopark: An Innovative Synergy for Career Transition

AnoniCloud is excited to announce its partnership with the renowned Swiss Innopark programme, a pioneering initiative that supports high-calibre professionals in their career transition. This strategic partnership focuses on the joint development of our ecosystem, enhancing the skills and experience of our employees.

With a customised approach, AnoniCloud and Innopark entrust external employees with tasks that are in line with their previous training but introduce innovative elements and stimulating challenges. This method not only enhances individual contributions, but also offers employees the unique opportunity to enhance their skills in unexplored areas.

Our alliance goes beyond the simple exchange of services: it is a shared commitment to professional and personal growth, where every success is the result of teamwork and continuous learning. We are proud to walk alongside Innopark staff and programme participants, sharing our knowledge and resources to achieve milestones that mark tangible progress for all concerned.

Together, AnoniCloud and Innopark are writing a new chapter in the history of career transition, demonstrating that through collaboration and innovation we can achieve a shared vision of excellence and success.

What is Innopark Switzerland

Innopark provides services for institutions, companies and professionals in career transition.

With effective programmes, InnoPark offers professionals and executives in career transition new professional perspectives to reduce the shortage of qualified staff by upgrading the skills of personnel available on the labour market. In this capacity InnoPark has been working for many years with almost all cantons and offices in Switzerland and acts on behalf of SECO.

InnoPark also provides staff training, project development support and the elaboration of programmes and business plans for the development of market-compliant solutions in the national context.

For people with little knowledge of Italian, InnoPark offers programmes in four languages and has eight locations in every language region of the country. It promotes continuous training, project work, coaching and networking to foster new professional challenges for participants.

Image by Constantin Wenning

In 1982, when I was 11, for the first time I’ve seen live a computer. It was an IBM/360; in 1983, for the first time in my life, I’ve turned on my own computer. In 1985 on my desk appeared a mouse and a box with some 5” 1/4 floppy disk. Now I’m about 50; every morning I open the lid of my MacBook Pro, that is n times powerful, faster and smaller than the IBM/360, the VIC-20 and the Apple //c together. But nothing can overcome the emotion I felt entering that noisy machine room, of writing on such ridicolous, small screen and of smelling the plastic of my earlier, outdated, mass memory supports.